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A Salute to Nurses with Jane O’Meara Sanders

We need to stand by the nurses. We need to support them. We need to support their unions and we need to provide Medicare for all especially.” –Jane O’Meara Sanders

Nurse Talk’s Healthcare in America Senior Correspondent Donna Smith had the privilege of talking with Dr. Jane O’Meara Sanders recently. If the name sounds familiar, Jane is married to Senator Bernie Sanders, is co-founder of the Sanders Institute and a longtime social, educational and political activist with a Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies.

Donna and Jane discuss the Sanders’ support for nurses, safe staffing and workplace violence legislation, Medicare for All.

Dr. Sanders played a major role in Bernie’s 2016 presidential run and worked closely with thousands of nurses during the campaign. She learned first-hand how nurses fight for their patients both at the bedside and beyond. Jane is busy working on Bernie’s 2020 Presidential bid and is focusing her efforts on quality of life and how legislation affects the average working person.