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1000 RNs on a Mission in DC and Go Army?

Can you be in the Army without joining the Army? Maybe…check it out! Main Street not Wall Street…and Casey and Dan get an email from a woman who has lost her charm…

COMING UP…on Nurse Talk. Our Nation’s capitol just got hit by a big storm this week. One thousand RNs on a mission to remind elected officials they need to listen to those of us on Main Street–not Wall Street.

Is our country really broke? Is it really necessary to cut Medicare and Social Security? Why are nurses taking the lead in the fight to return to values such as caring, compassion and community? We’ll talk about that and more on the Main Street Contract for America from our friend, and National Nurses United Co-President RN Deborah Burger. And more discussion in the coming weeks on Nurse Talk.

Later in the show, Casey and Dan have some fun with Dr. James Harrison from an organization called MEDCOM. Did you know if you are a doctor or a nurse you can go to work for the Army without being in the Army…AND get all the perks?

Uncle Sam Wants You
Go Army but not Go Army?

And of course the usual silliness, Square Needle, news and Phobia of the Week!

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