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No Child Without A Smile. Flu Shot Showdown. Cholesterol King. More!

Casey: “Shayne although the song Send In The Clowns is a bit dreary the clowns we are going to talk to today are anything but. I am so excited—almost as excited as I got when everyone else went to the circus—we have Tim Cunningham from Clowns Without Borders with us and wait until you hear about the remarkable work they do. You really won’t want to miss it even if you sleep through the rest of the show.”

Clowns Without Borders

Rudi, Lisa and Alejandro of Clowns Without Borders perform for children in Mexico acing the daily tolls of child labor and past traumas.

What a wonderful find this was: Clowns Without Borders, founded in Barcelona in July 1993. The idea began when Tortell Poltrona, a professional clown in Spain, was invited to perform in a refugee camp in Croatia. This performance unexpectedly attracted audiences of more than 700 children, proving to Poltrona that there is a great need for clowns and entertainment in crisis situations. He founded Clowns Without Borders to offer humor as a means of psychological support to communities that have suffered trauma. The clowns have organizations in nine countries Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, South Africa, Canada and the United States. We’ll visit with RN and president of “Clowns,” Tim Cunningham. This is just a beautiful story.

AND—Flu shot controversy rages on. RN and co-president of National Nurses United, Karen Higgins joins us to discuss this “vibrant” topic. What do you think? Read more…