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Tribute. Shin Splints. Annoying Driver. Pop Quiz.

Shayne and Casey welcome RN and Co-President of National Nurses United, Deborah Burger. Deborah is a frequent guest on Nurse Talk. She recently wrote an article about the need to restore our mental health system. In the wake of the tragic shooting in Connecticut and […]

Singer Songwriter Alex Hobbs

Heaven Wasn’t Ready for This

We are talking about the horrible tragedy in Connecticut on the show this week. We wanted to share something with our listeners that we find to be a powerful tribute to the beautiful souls who were lost that day. It’s a song written by up and coming songwriter Alex Hobbs (who does happen to be Nurse Talk Host Casey Hobbs’ nephew). Alex’s heartfelt song is called “Heaven Wasn’t Ready For This”. We were so moved by his tasteful and beautiful gift we wanted to share it with others. Alex will be with us on the show.