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Accolades for the National Nurses United, and Director RoseAnn DeMoro

Accolades for the National Nurses United, and Director RoseAnn DeMoro

Thank you Nurse Talk listeners so much for making your voices heard and voting!

As many of you know, each year, Modern Healthcare conducts a poll requesting votes for the most powerful leaders in our healthcare economy. On behalf of the NNU, I’m honored to have made the list for the 12th consecutive year. The reason that I am even in the running is because I represent the most powerful (unsung) players in healthcare and you had the power of the vote to make this happen.

Others who made the list are the high rollers in the healthcare industry who would like to deny the role of the registered nurse as essential.

But the vote, which is about the power of RNs and NNU, seems very out of place there.  It is because you are the only group about the patients.  I would say the overwhelming majority of this list is either Wall Street-controlled, about maximizing profit or positioning to run for office. Nurses are none of these.

The power of you and your profession, when realized is enormous.  And that goes for the staff who work with you.  So yes, the award names me and gives me a soap box to talk about nurses and the corruption in the healthcare industry but more importantly it should signal to you that when motivated, you are unstoppable!

We have to pull it all together and we have to help other people pull it together before it is too late.  Nurses salaries are being targeted, I am always being targeted, but these targets will come with much greater force.  We have a moment in history.  We have to maximize it and protect the health of this country and the role of the RNs.

DemoroHere’s my podcast interview with Modern Healthcare, and here’s a link to our press release.

Thanks again for making a statement by taking the time to vote on this. 

RoseAnn Demoro
NNU Executive Director

Coming this Fall on Nurse Talk…Your Invitation to Talk Back

O.K everyone—so far our talking has been a one way street. You listen (hopefully) and we talk. We’re sure that gets really tiring but wait— NOW we can listen and you can do the talking. STARTING IN October…join us at nursetalksite.com in the Nurse Talk Chat Room for live and lively discussions. The chats will be once a month at noon so you can pull up a chair—eat your SALAD and chime in. We’ll start with a conversation about manifesting intentions. Yip—you heard that right. What does that have to do with nurses and health? Everything!

We know it sounds a little “new age-y” but we promise this conversation will bring value to your lives in many ways. Join Nurse Talk hosts, Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason as they welcome our guest, Hal Isen. Hal Isen, MFA, CHT, is the creator of Core Wisdom® and LifeCoaching®. He is an educator, management consultant, executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, artist and author. Read more…

Best of the Best of the Best of the…AND Coming ASAP: EMDR, TM and LOLZ


The best of the best of the best of the…well you get the point. This week enjoy this great repeat performance.

RN Alison Whitaker on Vital Signs, RN Jean Ross on Robin Hood and Dr. Jamie Koufman on Dropping Acid

Alison Whitaker

Casey and Shayne check in with RN and playwright RN Alison Whitaker. Some of you may remember Alison was on the show last year introducing her one-woman play called, Vital Signs. It’s a great show at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. If you missed Alison Whitaker’s Vital Signs in June…it’s been extended! Don’t miss it again get your tickets at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco.

There’s much more packed inside this show. Read on…

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NNU Asks How the Economic Crisis Is Affecting You

Last spring, NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro asked RNs across the nation to share stories about how the economic crisis was affecting their patients and their families. Since then, we have seen the healthcare crisis continue to deepen for millions of American patients and families, as described in RoseAnn’s commentary below.

The many heartfelt responsibilities they received were deeply moving, and we have shared many of them, with your approval, with the media and the public in an ongoing effort to urge action to protect our families and communities. As RoseAnn notes, the need for action is greater than ever, and we hope to continue to share your stories as a call to end our healthcare nightmare once and for all and to promote other changes in national, state and local priorities.

They request for you to continue to send your stories, and those from your family, neighbors, and friends. For openings, below is the personal story Donna Smith of NNU, a frequent Nurse Talk guest, who you may remember as well from Michael Moore’s film “SiCKO.”

Please share your story here! Read more…

As Court Showdown Nears, Our Healthcare System Still a Mess

With the approaching Supreme Court showdown on the President Obama’s 2010 health care law (the Affordable Care Act, modeled, of course, on Mitt Romney’s law in Massachusetts), the U.S. healthcare system remains a dysfunctional mess, as nurses bear witness to every day.

In late March, the Court will devote six hours over three days to oral arguments on the legal challenges to the law — the most time the Court has given a case in 56 years. The testimony will likely be accompanied by a possible record 100 “friend of the court” briefs, Kaiser Health News reported February 16.

While the ACA had some undeniable positive elements, such as permitting young adults up to age 26 to remain on their parents health plan, and a few limitations on insurance industry abuses, such as barring them from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions, our health care nightmare is far from over.

And, as nurses have reported repeatedly the past year, the economic crisis has great aggravated the suffering with broad declines in health status that are directly linked to job loss, unpayable medical bills, and families having to choose between paying for food, housing, clothing or healthcare. Read more…

US Nurses Stand by UK Nurses, Public Workers Nov. 30 Rallies in Six US Cities to Say: Stop Cuts to Retirement Security

From our friends at National Nurses United:

With up to two million British workers expected to join the biggest strike in the United Kingdom in a generation Wednesday, Nov. 30, the largest union of registered nurses in the U.S. announced today that it will hold support rallies for British nurses and other workers in six U.S. cities Wednesday.

U.S. nurses, joined by other union members in Washington and several other cities, will hold noon rallies at the British Embassy in Washington and at British consulates in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, and San Francisco.

The actions come amidst huge corporate cash reserves on both sides of the Atlantic while government officials in both nations push reductions in retirement security and other cuts. In the U.K., some 30 unions representing nurses, teachers, paramedics, civil servants, and other public workers will protest plans by the conservative government to cut public pensions. In the U.S., support rallies will also remind the public of threats to Social Security as well. Read more…

FTT: RX for a Sick Economy

Republished from National Nurses United’s Blog
By Rose Ann DeMoro
November 10, 2011

Amidst the scourge of inequality sweeping the world, marked by continued profits, pay-outs and record levels of cash hoarding — the spoils of the 1% — one group has come forward with a remedy, refusing to stand down. Nurses from four continents gathered at the G-20 Summit last week to tell world leaders that time is running out: revenue is needed now and the starting point is a global finance tax.

That call for remedy is resonating. It is loud and it is getting louder, and half measure legislation is not a substitute for a movement.

Just last week, in addition to the actions at the G-20, 2,000 people, including RN members of National Nurses United joined by the AFL-CIO and other unions, environmental and community groups, and participants from the Occupy Wall Street movement, marched on the White House and Treasury Department. Read more…

Marsha Podd, The Baby Whisperer and Rose Ann DeMoro | August 27-28, 2011 | Show 420


We visit with RN Marsha Podd, aka the Baby Whisperer, who has written a book called Secrets of a Baby Nurse. The book is getting rave reviews and if you know of anyone that is expecting a child, already has a baby or toddler or is remotely related to a baby, they should read this book. For more info about Marsha go to gotosleepbaby.com.

And we share an interview that our media partner Laura Flanders of GRITtv did with Executive Director of National Nurses United, Rose Ann DeMoro. It’s a great opportunity to hear from Rose Ann, why the nurses are on the front lines of so many issues that affect ordinary Americans like Medicare, Social Security, access to affordable healthcare and patient safety. Read more…