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Singing. Heroes. Money. Occupy.

Oh my…Casey is trying her very best to be still but this “women” bashing thing has got to go. In order to keep Casey civil—Dan recommends they sing a song—that reflects these nasty little current events. Sing they do and the emails start rolling in. Ahhh, some agreement…yes? No! Here are just a few:

“Don’t ever sing again!”
“I had to turn the radio off!”
“I can’t tell Dan from Casey!”
“Stick to your day jobs!”

O.K folks we get the message.

Casey and Dan talk with the distinguished Doug Connor. Doug grew up in a conservative Republican family. He is a nurse, a veteran of the Iraq War, a union member, and a passionate supporter of the Occupy movement. Doug returned from the war in 2006, disillusioned by the unnecessary deaths and organizations profiting on the destruction that surrounded him as a nurse treating victims of war then came face to face with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

You won’t want to miss Doug’s story

AND LATER…Craig Preston from the California Clean Money Campaign. A few weeks ago we talked with California One Care’s Executive Director Andrew McGuire. Cal One Care is committed to single payer health care for all Californians. Craig Preston from California Clean Money Campaign also supports a single payer healthcare system but says we have to get the money out of politics first.

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Bobby McCarthy

Coming Up on Nurse Talk This Week: Dan Raps. Casey Snacks. RN Deborah Burger Rocks. Research Ready. Bobbi’s Blog Cabin.

Blog author Bobbi McCarthy joins us.

How many nurses have been patients a time or two? What do you recall from your experience in the hospital? Well RN and author Bobbi McCarthy is a contributing writer on the Nurse Talk blog and has written a great article called Through the Eyes of a Patient | What Will Your Patients Remember? It’s a great story and reminds us what it is like to be a patient.

And, check it out…as a nurse do you ever shy away from researching new medical information? It’s a time issue and a lot of nurses “run for the hills” from diving in to the medical journals—including our Nurse Talk hosts. Well, maybe those days are over. Dan and Casey visit with entrepreneurial RN, Stephanie Modri. Stephanie has just introduced a new medical research app called Precision RN.

Our friend RN Deborah Burger updates us on all things “Occupy,” progress on the financial transaction tax, the invisible SUPER COMMITTEE AND MORE…

FTT: RX for a Sick Economy

Republished from National Nurses United’s Blog By Rose Ann DeMoro November 10, 2011 Amidst the scourge of inequality sweeping the world, marked by continued profits, pay-outs and record levels of cash hoarding — the spoils of the 1% — one group has come forward with a […]

Are you ready for Thursday? INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION

Are you ready for Thursday? That’s when nurses and other community activists are going to press President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for a meaningful financial transaction tax. Nurses from four continents, including a delegation from NNU, will be at the opening of the […]

Sue Sylvester. Occupy. Occupy. USF Masters the Master’s. Donna Donna. Laughter and Menopause.

In this photo, a National Nurses United volunteer nurse provides first aid to a protester at Occupy LA, one of several stations set up at protests around the nation.

Casey and Dan check in with our friend and NNU Legislative Organizer Donna Smith. They talk with Donna about the Occupy movement, the nurses’ participation, the upcoming Day Of Action on November 3rd, the G-20 Summit and the nurses demands for a Wall Street Transaction Tax and continuing movement on the state by state single payer healthcare efforts.

RN Maria Fehlig, a Las Vegas nurse calls in and gives us an on-location report from NYC Occupy. By the way…she says she sees no “hippies” there and in fact a lot of people don’t even know what a “hippie” is. Very interesting times we are living in. Spoken like a true “old person!”

Then we chat with Judy Farrell the Assistant Director of Enrollment for University of San Francisco’s Master’s in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader program. With Judy is RN Kristina Smith who is a manager of the ICU Unit at Santa Rosa, Calif. Kaiser Hospital and a student in the USF Master’s program.

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