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The Next Fifteen Minutes by Kim Kircher

Must Have Mobile App. Nov. 3 Day of Action. Presidential Candidate Pop Quiz. 15 Minutes. Fall Flu Fashion Show.

I think we made a mistake. You know how sometimes when you gain a few extra pounds you feel like you have to let the seams out of your clothes? Well, this week on Nurse Talk we had so many topics we wanted to share we got a little carried away and packed the show to the point of bursting our time clock!

We visited with two of our friends from CNA/NNU (California Nurses Association, National Nurses United) RN/Communications Specialist Liz Jacobs, and Colette Washington, On-Line Communication Specialist. Colette shared about a new mobile app that NNU has created that makes it possible to be involved in shaping national and international policy and politics without leaving the comfort of your own home. Check it out by texting the word “payback” to 53000 from your mobile phone.

AND Casey and Dan talk with author and EMT Kim Kircher. Kim has written a book called The Next 15 Minutes: Strength From the Top of the Mountain. When she wasn’t rescuing wounded skiers as a member of the ski patrol or bombing snow-congested mountainsides to control avalanches, she and her husband, John, were proving to the world that a full life was possible in spite of each living with an autoimmune disorder. Kim shares her inspiring story with us.

See Nurses Arrested in Occupy Chicago Protest

NNU Midwest Director and RN Jan Rodolfo appeared on Keith Olbermann’s show on Monday, October 24 to talk about the Occupy Chicago arrests on Sunday. If you missed it, here’s the clip. And here’s a powerful video that shows nurses getting arrested early Sunday […]

A Train Without Pity. Friction In Studio. Sex Addiction. And Down Hill From There! | Show 425

This week on Nurse Talk Casey and Dan talk to RN Jill Furillo. Jill spent several days last week with Occupy Wall Street and will give us a firsthand account of her experience and what the Occupy movement is all about. To learn about how and why nurses are taking action listen to this show and go to In the carefully chosen words of Vice President Joe Biden, “In the minds of the vast majority of the American – the middle class is being screwed.”

And author and sex addiction therapist George N. Collins is with us. What we think we know about sex addiction is …well…not particularly helpful or accurate. Mr. Collins has written a book, Breaking the Cycle, Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame and developed some techniques to help turn the energy of negative compulsions into positive life changes.