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Global Nurses? Yes, It’s Necessary

We mentioned a few weeks ago that we attended the National Nurses United Conference here in San Francisco. We met nurses from most of the states and from over 13 other countries. It’s very interesting to talk to nurses from around the world because even though the healthcare […]

RNs DeAnn McEwen and Michelle Mahon on Electronic Medical Records

RNs DeAnn McEwen and Michelle Mahon tell it like it is. EMR, or Electronic Medical Records, systems are rolling out “live” in hospitals across the country. BUT WAIT! Were nurses at the table when these systems were designed and then implemented? Did these hospitals insure […]

There is No Other Planet We Can Go To.

“Of all the unions I’m talking to, nobody has a better global vision than nurses,” Brown said to big applause. “If you can link your immediate occupational objectives with the larger sense of what we need to do as human beings, you become a very […]

Summer Vaycay. Clowns Without Borders. Forced Flu Shots?

The nurses are on vaycay this week. Well, not really, they still have their day jobs…but our sound engineer is in Barbados. Well, not really, its probably hot there now, but she IS taking a breather in an undisclosed location. And who could blame her? […]

Michael Lighty on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Try as we might to stay away from polarizing issues on our show, it seems you can’t talk about health and healthcare without touching on these controversial topics. The Keystone XL Pipeline is one of those issues. It could have a significant impact on the health of communities in […]

7 Ways the Affordable Care Act May Shift Costs to Patients

The burden of cutting costs is on patients, not corporate healthcare profiteering. by Karen Higgins, National Nurses United With the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act near, it’s time to ask if the decision to put the burden of […]

CNA Nursing Families Fund with Zenei Cortez

Casey and Joanie visit with RN and CNA Presidents Council Member, Zenei Cortez about the “CNA Nursing Angels Family Fund” established by the California Nurses Association for the victims of the horrible limousine fire that occurred on the San Mateo Bridge here in Northern California. The news of the death of […]