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What it Takes From Us | Alzheimer’s in the First Person | Barbara Taylor Vaughan

My husband James Sr., me and Jimmy and Missy

My husband James Sr., me and Jimmy and Missy

I have been a little confused today. I talked to another friend of mine who also was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the same time as me. She is on medications, I am not. We discussed this terrible disease and what it is taking from us.

I told Missy tonight that I do feel different. I seem to be confused more. Sometimes I wake up and am not sure where I am, or how I got here.

I ate lunch today and then about an hour later told Missy I was hungry and ready to eat lunch. A few minutes after I said that, I thought to myself, “I think I already ate lunch.” But, I wasn’t sure.

I looked at pictures today. Missy has them on flashcards. They are pictures of my family and friends. I look at them and see if I recognize them. The names are written on the back along with a description of who they are. Some days I know everyone. Some days no one.

Thank you all for being with me during this adventure with Alzheimer’s. I am glad you are with me, to help Missy and Mike, and to cheer me on. I think it is helping me. Bless all your hearts. Boy oh boy…I hope tomorrow is better.


Trip Down Memory Lane | Take Time to Connect with your Love for Nursing

I had the awesome privilege of being able to speak to an Associate RN class on my experience with nursing, burn out, self-care and Reiki the other day. As I stood in front of the class and reflected on my 21 years of experience it struck me how easy it had been to just go along with the motions of every- day life and let the memories fade away.

As I drove home from that day I thought back to nursing school. I made a couple of really long-lasting friendships from those long study days…shout out to Robin and Kim!! I also still have close contact with 2 amazing instructors who touched my life in many ways…shout out to Terry and Lynn… I recalled the excitement of imagining being a “real nurse” and the fear of not knowing all I needed to know.

In fact I was sooooo green that on my first day of clinical I walked into a male patients room and the side rails of his bed were up, and his urinal was hanging off the side rail…I picked up the urinal and asked him if he would like me to fill his water jug! Read more…