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National Expert: Nurse Talk’s Electronic Medical Record Segment A Ray of Sunshine.

Nurse Talk’s recent segment with RNs DeAnn McEwen and Michelle Mahon on the problems with electronic medical record implementation caught the ear of Dr. Scot Silverstein, a medical Informatics professional via NIH-sponsored postdoctoral fellowship. Scot’s expertise is in clinical IT design, implementation, refinement to meet […]

Obamacare Myth-ectomy and Technology Without Common Sense.

Myth-ectomy. It’s coming! Congress tried to stop it thirty-seven times! The Affordable Care Act is on track and headed for the station and you need to know the FACTS. Is it good? Is it bad? Will Grandma meet her demise in front of a “death panel?” Will it […]

Nurse Talk Short | Unions Step Up and Evicting Dad?

National Nurses United, the nations largest nurses union just announced their affiliation with the National Union of Healthcare Workers. RN DeAnn McEwen, Co-President of the California Nurses Association, is here to talk about this latest step to protect patients, uphold standards, fight employer attacks, blast […]