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Time. Baby Whisperer. Patient Protection. Explanations.

Well this week Goldie Hawn starts the show with a run down of the “time zones.” We must admit—her explanation sort of makes sense. Casey and Shayne struggle to figure out what time it is in the Midwest if it is 9am in California and what time it is in New York if it is noon in Omaha. Come on now–face it we all do it! We use our fingers and/or our toes or calculators, if need be, to figure this mystery out. And then throw in the international dateline and we’re really in trouble!

Secrets of a Baby Nurse
Author Marsha Podd, RN on the show this week

This week on Nurse Talk we have one of our favorite guests in the studio—RN Marsha Podd aka the “Baby Whisperer.” We joke with Marsha that her voice and energy are so soothing we all go to sleep when she visits. Marsha is the author of one of Amazon’s best selling books, Secrets of a Baby Nurse, How to have a Happy, Healthy and Sleeping Baby from Birth. We refer to it as the “Baby Bible.” Find out how to wean your infant from the cradle to a bed and at what age that should happen. Also Marsha addresses a question from a listener about postpartum depression. To learn more about Secrets of a Baby Nurse or about Marsha Podd, visit gotosleepbaby.com.

And DC hospitals are facing a staffing shortage. To counter this trend, RNs have put forth the Patient Protection Act, which “provides a minimum number of nurses on duty by specific unit at all times.” RN and nurse leader Judy Alba will be with us to talk about this and why RN-to-patient ratios are so critical to patient outcomes. For more information about this and other National Nurses United topics visit nationalnursesunited.org.

And this weeks Nurse Talk Top Ten is:  The Top 10 Funniest Explanations Your Patients Have Given You. Check this out! Oh! These are real comments that nurses sent in to Scrubs Magazine, the sponsors of our weekly top ten. A nurse writes:

I had a patient refuse to use her O2 for fear of “getting addicted.” I told her, “Hon, that happened the second you were born; hold your breath and see how long you can go without it. Now put it on please?” She did!

Next week—Bay Area fitness and health expert Joanie Greggains joins us for the kick off of her new segment called “Fit Happens,” only on Nurse Talk. Don’t miss it.

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Until next week–go out and find something to laugh about!

Nurse Talk RNs on the sidelines at this year’s SUPER BOWL?


Who would have thought Casey and Shayne would be called upon to be medical advisers during the SUPER BOWL for Jim Harbaugh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers? I am sure not many—and to be truthful—they weren’t. BUT one of them dreamed about it. Which one could that have been? Well, at the very least it is exciting to see our 49ers back in the SUPER BOWL.

And speaking of the Bay Area—most of you locals know TV and radio health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains. After 25 years on KGO radio in San Francisco—Joanie crossed the picket line and will be featured on Nurse Talk in a new weekly segment called “Fit Happens.” The segment begins in February.

RN Marsha Podd

Also coming up—one of our favorite guests RN Marsha Podd, aka The Baby Whisperer. One of the topics she’ll talk about—postpartum depression. If you have questions for Marsha call 1-800-977-1863 and leave your question on the message line and she will answer on the air.

IT’s WORTH REPEATING…this week…a look at the V.A hospital system from RN Irma Westmoreland and Bay Area fitness and health expert Joanie Greggains helps break down the top 10 barriers to exercise. Read more…

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Teachers. Babies. Donna. Lollygag.

Teachers. Babies. Donna. Lollygag.


Coming up on the show: A salute to teachers, great advice for parents of babies, defining lollygag and other popular sayings plus Donna Smith and Marsha Podd.

Donna Smith, our National Nurses United D.C. correspondent brings us up to speed on all things Washington. Donna also shares a bit of personal news about her own health. Donna Smith is best known as one of the documentary subjects of Michael Moore’s 2007 movie, “SiCKO.” Donna now works as a national single-payer healthcare advocate and community organizer for National Nurses United. Read more about Donna.

And, it’s always a treat to have our friend RN Marsha Podd with us in the studio. A.K.A. the “Baby Whisperer.” When Marsha comes to the studio we all go to sleep. We mean that in a good way, as Marsha has one of the most soothing voices you’ll ever hear. Marsha, is the author of Secrets of a Baby Nurse. The book is getting rave reviews and if you know of anyone that is expecting a child, has babies or toddlers already, has looked at a child or even thought of a child–you need this book!

Being a nurse is hard work! There are the perennial issues of not enough…staffing, time, appreciation. But on the blog this week, Love Your Nursing Life RN author Bobbi McCarthy writes about one of the ways nursing renews the spirit in The Gift in Room 3.

Win FREE TICKETS to RN Alison Whitaker’s play “Vital Signs” at the Marsh Theatre in San Francisco June 8 thru July 21. Read more…

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