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Our blog has something for everyone. From healthcare to human-interest stories and from the hospital bedside to the halls of congress—we have it covered. AND did you know workplace bullying was bad for your health? Meet a courageous nurse and oral cancer survivor that understands the power of humor and grace. What are “nurse patient ratios” and why are they so important? All this and more…

Medical Information Technology and What Laughter Means

Maggie is away and the girls in the sound booth play! While Maggie is on Vacation (or is she?)– Casey goes it alone and runs into some mischief from the sound booth. Casey talks with Linette Davis, a Health-care Information Technology Educator with the Institute […]

Hear Nurse Talk Anywhere

Guess what! You can now hear Nurse Talk on Energy Talk Radio at energytalkradio.comThat means you can listen anywhere online, on your ipod, your Blackberry or your BoomerBox! That’s

Shenanigans, Health Care Reform, and Mad As Hell Doctors

COMING UP THIS WEEK……the usual shenanigans…Maggie is back from her “Estate Sale” shopping spree–sporting a $2 pair of European shoes. She’s unhappy though and thinks she paid too much because they are quite worn. Deborah Berger Co-President of California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee gives […]