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Frank Dialogue About Healthcare


We deserve better. And we need civil, honest — and frank — conversations to get there. Exit polls from the recent midterm elections proved that healthcare is the top issue of concern for Americans across the political spectrum. Whatever the two parties’ claims as we head into the 2020 presidential cycle, the truth is our political discourse about how we finance healthcare in this country is failing all of us.

What if we could model and replicate a fact-based and productive national conversation about the major issues and key forces polarizing and paralyzing us, beginning with healthcare? What if we could employ an innovative new journalism technique along with the latest cognitive linguistics and neuroscience research to create a groundbreaking and sustained civic discussion, and expand citizen involvement around the country through collaborative partnerships with media outlets?

THE GOOD NEWS is, we’ve already started!

Nurse Talk Media, Spaceship Media, and ModNomad Studio are bringing together citizens, journalists, public intellectuals of integrity, creatives, and visionaries from across the political spectrum via dialogue journalism experiments, combined with cross-platform story-telling and an outreach campaign over the next year.

FRANK is rooted in dialogue journalism—an approach pioneered by Spaceship Media—which is already helping communities in conflict around the country. Dialogue journalism creates productive civic engagement and relationships through mediated and research-supported political dialogue. Together, participants work to identify shared sets of facts and to move beyond merely toxic debate toward civic solutions.

We are currently seeking collaboration and funding partners for the FRANK pilot project, which will bring together 150 nurses from across the country and political spectrum to engage in a four-week, closed and carefully-moderated dialogue journalism experiment.


The core question for launch will be: Why does the United States consistently have one of the worst-ranked health care systems among the wealthy nations? What can we do to make it better?

Building upon Spaceship Media’s dialogue journalism model, we will:

  • Partner with local and national media to share the stories and ideas that emerge from
    this discussion.
  • Create our own cross-platform content and social media campaigns.
  • Seed and moderate strategic follow-up conversations with key influencers.

Further details on process, outreach and plans for replication will be provided to potential funders.

We invite you to join FRANK as we chip away at our polarization, reawaken our civic spirit and move America toward solutions to our greatest national challenges.


Because for the 17th year in a row, a Gallup poll shows that nursing is America’s most trusted profession.


Healing America through
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Pattie Lockard
Executive Producer
Nurse Talk Media


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Jennifer Nix
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Journalism To Bridge Divides
“The moment for dialogue
journalism is now, and it’s
inclusive, compassionate,
and should be applied to
everything.” (MEDIASHIFT )

Eve Pearlman
CEO and Co-Founder/
Spaceship Media

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