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Best of Nurse Talk: Safe Patient Care Act, Donna Smith and “Off the Grid” Jokes.



Listen to our guest this week RN Jeff Breslin of the Michigan Nurses Association on The Safe Patient Care Act “Every Michigan resident deserves to receive safe care at every hospital, every time. Michigan’s nurses are simply asking for our leaders’ support to make that happen.” Jeff will talk with us about this important initiative that is sweeping the country.

Donna Smith
Donna Smith and friends from NNU on last summer’s Medicare for All bus tour.

And later, a fierce leader, and one of our favorite guests, Healthcare and Human Rights Advocate Donna Smith, will join us. As some of you know, Donna has been leading the charge for the past 8 years for a universal healthcare system in our country. Donna was featured in Michael Moore’s film “Sicko.” For the past 5 years she worked as the Legislative Coordinator for National Nurses United. She is now the Executive Director of Healthcare for All Colorado. We’ll talk with Donna about all things healthcare, a little politics, the effects of the sequester – particularly the ones you don’t hear about — and more. For more information about Healthcare for All Colorado, visit

And don’t forget, our resident health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains with another edition of Fit Happens.” We’ll also tend to email questions and a few “off-the-grid” jokes that only nurses can tell and insist they aren’t going to be bleeped!

Lynn Ruth Miller, Staying Young, Safe Lift Bill, Fetus Fingernails.


This week on Nurse Talk: Lynn Ruth Miller

What’s it like to be a stand up comedian traveling the world? Oh..did we mention…an 80 year old stand up comedian traveling the world? Our resident comedian, Lynn Ruth Miller, is with us to talk about what keeps her young at her ripe age and how laughter saved her life.


Safe Lift Bill
We’ll also visit with Marti Smith, RN Government Relations Lead for the California Nurses Association. Marti will talk about why hospitals are not complying with California’s Safe Lift Bill (AB 1136) passed in January of 2012. Is this something we non-medical people should be concerned about? YES! Trust us when we say you do not want to be dropped on your next hospital visit! Is this possible? Yes, indeed, so stick around and find out why you should know about your neighborhood hospital’s “safe lift” policy.


And the usual

Health Trivia: Does anyone out there know when and why fetuses develop fingernails? We do, and you’ll find out when you listen. Note: If you don’t have time to listen to the broadcasts just visit our website for all of the shows and features since the beginning of time.

Best Of: What Would Florence Think?, $11.2 Billion Surprise, ACA and Mental Health Coverage.


Nursing Without Borders
This week we take on a controversial issue, and in doing so we learn ALOT (as if that never happens!). Healthcare Journalist Heather Boerner joins us to talk about an article she recently wrote for National Nurses United Magazine. The article, “Nursing Without Borders,” provides an in-depth look at the unique factors at play in providing the best care for undocumented patients. Ms. Boerner interviews undocumented families who do their best to stay off the radar for fear of being deported and therefore do not often seek medical treatment.

AND here is a statistic that will surprise most of us: Contrary to what the politicians and others tell us, according to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented workers (in 2010) paid about $11.2 billion in state, local, and sales taxes, yet they do not qualify for healthcare services. How do nurses and other healthcare workers deal with this issue?

Also joining us for this lively conversation is RN Tatiana Saenz. She knows first hand what it is to be undocumented and to serve this population. Ms. Saenz became an RN in 2012 four years after becoming a U.S. citizen.



What Would Flo Think?

She’s considered the founder of modern nursing and one of the most influential nurses of all time. So much has changed since the days that the “Lady with the Lamp,” Florence Nightingale, was a practicing nurse (for one thing, she wouldn’t need that lamp anymore!). What’s been the biggest technological change since Flo’s era of nursing?

Listen as Casey and Shayne count down the top 10 modern technologies that would shock Florence Nightingale. Oh and there is one on the list that was slipped in. Hmmmm.


Two Weeks And Counting

HealthcareReformPublicDomainWell, as we’ve said from the beginning, it isn’t exactly what we wanted but The Affordable Care Act is almost upon us. The State Insurance Marketplaces will open for business October 1, 2013 and there is FINALLY a good stream of information coming out so people understand how to access the information. Yes, we know our Republican friends (and we do have them) are launching yet another defunding measure in the House and they are planning a showdown, but we continue our efforts to get the FACTS out to our listeners. Our new website will have all of the latest state and national Affordable Health Care resources available and the Nurse Talk Expert Panel will be on the show regularly.

Speaking of experts, you won’t want to miss Dr. Ron Manderscheid’s conversation with Casey and Shayne. Dr. Manderscheid is the Executive Director of the National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors (that is a long title…but he’s earned it). The association represents county and local authorities in D.C. and provides a national program of technical assistance and support. Dr. Manderscheid joins us to talk about why he is working so hard to get the word out about the Affordable Care Act and how it will help his constituents. He says, “…over 11 million uninsured persons have behavioral health conditions. We have a huge task ahead to promote health insurance enrollment as broadly as possible.” For more ACA information and to read Dr. Manderscheid’s articles visit

And of course we wouldn’t miss your email questions, health trivia or In My Day with our beloved Lynn Ruth Miller.

Hospital Corps & the ACA, a Learning Moment, and Get a Horse.

Michael Lighty
Michael Lighty

A look at the concerns about The Affordable Care Act from those who work for hospital corps.

This week Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for California Nurses Association,  joins us to talk about why he thinks the Affordable Care Act is “Bad Medicine” for nurses. The article, “Bad Medicine” recently appeared in the National Nurse Magazine and states, “…the biggest health reform of our lifetime does little to rein in healthcare corporations and insurers. Instead, it shifts even more in costs onto workers who can’t afford it and, at the same time, threatens the practice of registered nursing.”

Professor Shayne! Nurses, we may send you mixed messages from time to time but now is (honestly) a great time to consider getting a master’s degree.
Image by Marcin Wichery

And we have the best program in the nation (maybe we are prejudice since our co-host Shayne Mason just happens to be an instructor) to share with you. Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Dr. Enna Trevathan is with us to talk about the MSN/RN Online Program. For more information or to hear our podcast visit

And the usual…80 year old Lynn Ruth Miller is in the house this week with another edition of “In My Day,” discussing depression in old days (how can that be funny?). Also Health Trivia and your email questions. Remember…laughter is always the best medicine

What Would Florence Think?, $11.2 Billion Surprise, ACA and Mental Health Coverage.


Nursing Without Borders This week we take on a controversial issue, and in doing so we learn ALOT (as if that never happens!). Healthcare Journalist Heather Boerner joins us to talk about an article she recently wrote for National Nurses United Magazine. The article, “Nursing Without Borders,” provides an in-depth look at the unique factors at play in providing…Continue Reading

Rewind…Fast Food 911, Safe Patient Ratios, a Cultural Arsonist, and Ginkgo Biloba.


Fast Food…or Maybe Not Fast Enough? Casey and Shayne are beside themselves (as I am sure every 911 operator in the country is) listening to this 911 call from a woman in southern California that can’t get a fast food joint to cook her burger the way she wants it. AND YES, she thinks that…Continue Reading

Best Of the Show: “Myth-ectomy,” Technology Without Common Sense, Mentors, and Secret Smoker.


Myth-ectomy. It’s coming! Congress tried to stop it thirty-seven times! The Affordable Care Act is on track and headed for the station and you need to know the FACTS. Is it good? Is it bad? Will Grandma meet her demise in front of a “death panel?” Will it bankrupt the country? Is it just another give away? Is…Continue Reading