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Kaiser RN’s Talk

How can listeners help support those who take care of them in their time of need? Let Kaiser know it is not ok to cut direct patient care. Call, email, write in support of your nurses!

A quick clip of what’s coming up

Just a taste of whats coming up. Why isn’t Kaiser management showing up for bargaining talks with the California Nurses Association? What are they afraid of ? AND ,  a Bionic Pancreas is coming your way. All this on Nurse Talk @

Nurse Talk Myrtle Braxton Ellington

This week on Nurse Talk Casey has the pleasure of speaking with the remarkable Myrtle Braxton Ellington. Myrtle, at 87 is hard for most younger people to keep up with. She and her church feel deeply that healthcare is a right not a privilege



RN & Chair of Veterans Affairs for NNU Irma Westmoreland Talks About The VA


“The inexcusable waiting lists are symptoms of deeper problems,” said Irma Westmoreland, RN, chair of Veterans Affairs for National Nurses United and a registered nurse at the Augusta, Georgia VA Medical Center. “The VA is suffering from a tragic lack of resources that leads to delays in care, it spends resources in ways that doContinue Reading

Nurse Talk Exclusive with Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson


Nurse Talk Exclusive  with RN and Host Casey Hobbs, Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RN’s Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson. “There comes a time when you have two choices, to do something or nothing–we choose to do something”,RN Sharon Waite. On June 26 & 27th Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RN’s will cast their votes for or against joining CaliforniaContinue Reading