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Best Of Nurse Talk: RN Donna Kelly Williams on Safe Nurse-Patient Ratios


Massachusetts Nurses Take “Safe Staffing” to the People!

Donna Kelly Williams

RN Donna Kelly Williams

Massachusetts Nurses Association President, Donna Kelly Williams RN talks about a newly sponsored ballot measure campaign to fight for patient safety and protection. As most of you who listen to our show already know, the national fight for proper nurse to patient ratios is something that is not going away any time soon. The California Safe Hospital Staffing Law  (AB 394) went into effect on January 1, 2008, establishing a minimum ratio of nurses to patients, but most of the country doesn’t have this sort of protection.  Check out Donna’s “President’s Column” on the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s Website. 

Deborah Burger with an NNU Update | National Nurses United Sponsored Segment | February 25, 2012 | Show 437


We have an update on the very active nurses from National Nurses United. Deborah Burger always brings life and humanity to the critical healthcare issues in our country.

Legislative Update | Donna Smith Segment | Show 422


Donna Smith chats with us from Austin, Texas–you know, the home of one of the largest bat caves around…and its right downtown!! And yes…you can see the Texas State Capitol from the cave! Donna always brings us up to speed on the issues that are important…at least to us they are. We’ll get an updateContinue Reading

Nursing Ratios Save Lives | Beth Kean Segment | Show 240


Guest: Beth Kean Casey and Dan visit with the California Nurses Association’s Beth Kean about the recent ruling by a Superior Court judge that stopped the walk-out of over 12,000 UC Medical Center RNs. The RNs have been trying to call attention to the fact that UC Medical Centers (most notably U.C. Davis in Sacramento)Continue Reading