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Millions Of Kids Fall Outside Senate Plan To Shield Disabled From Medicaid Cuts

Aidan Long is a 13-year-old from Montana who has suffered multiple daily seizures since he was 4. The seizures defy medical cure, and some of them continue for weeks, requiring Aidan to be airlifted to children’s hospitals in Denver or Seattle, said his father, Ben Long. The medical bills to Medicaid and his private insurance have been enormous.

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This great-grandmother wants to end ‘the dirty little secret of nursing’

Sheila Wilson feels blessed to have what she considers the best career in the world: nursing. At 73, she has no plans to retire and is still doing per diem jobs.But over the decades, the Quincy native, who has worked in hospitals, clinics, and shelters, has witnessed what she calls “the dirty little secret of nursing.”

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CEO of $200 million dollar a year company weighs in on Medicare for All

Check out a business argument for Medicare for All! Richard Masters is CEO of a $200 million a year company and has self-financed documentaries making a business case guaranteed healthcare. In a recent interview he says, “Why aren’t more corporations signing on to it? Why […]

1 VW Bus. 2 Guys. 50 States. 1 Million Dreams.

WHAT IS OOLA? Oola-la … that’s what life feels like when you’re in the sweet spot, when your life is balanced, and growing in the 7 key areas of health and well-being (the 7 F’s of Oola): fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and […]

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‘How Long Have I Got, Doc?’ Why Many Cancer Patients Don’t Have Answers

Liz Szabo In the past four years, Bruce Mead-e has undergone two major surgeries, multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy to treat his lung cancer. Yet in all that time, doctors never told him or his husband whether the cancer was curable — or likely […]

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How much do you know about Medicaid?

We have an expert with us, Alex Lawson the Executive Director of Social Security Works. For over 50 years, Medicaid has provided vital health insurance protections to seniors in nursing homes and low-income Americans of all ages. Although the majority of Medicaid beneficiaries are children […]

Secrets Of A Baby Nurse

Author and RN Marsha Podd talks about how to say “NO” to your baby. How and when do you start saying NO to baby? RN and author of “Secrets of a Baby Nurse”, Marsha Podd is with us today. Parents you won’t want to miss […]

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California Could Be The First To Pass Single Payer Legislation

Here’s a statistic for you. The CEO of United Healthcare Stephen Hemsley makes $10,597.00 an hour or $177.00 a minute. In 2015 his compensation was 66 million but that did not include the sale of stock–which brought the total compensation to 102 million. It’s time […]