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Bionic Pancreas is in the works…

Bionic Pancreas is in the works…

Ten percent of Americans are living with Diabetes. Over 1 million have Type 1. Although a cure is being worked on, recent trials for a Bionic Pancreas are in the works and advancing. Dr. Steven J. Russell is leading those trials through Massachusetts General. Bay Area reporter Jeannie Lynch spoke with Dr. Russell about this promising device. Listen to this “special edition” of Nurse Talk.

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Historic rally in Detroit — 3,000, led by RNs and community leaders ‘Turn on the water.’

Turn on the water!
Thousands of registered nurses, community, labor, environmental and community activists marched in Detroit today in a resounding protests against the shutoff of water to tens of thousands of city residents – an action the marchers called a wanton violation of human rights that creates a public health emergency.
RNs lead the march demanding that the Detroit Water and Sewage Dept. turn back on the water to its residents.
RNs lead the march demanding that the Detroit Water and Sewage Dept. turn back on the water to its residents.
Brandishing signs that read “Water is a Human Right,” “Turn on the Water. Tax Wall Street,” “Water = Life,” “Blame Chase,” “Make the Banks Pay,” and “Nurses are the Real Emergency Managers,” marchers streamed through downtown Detroit to a big rally in front of the city/county building after a stop at a branch of Chase bank.
Their message: Turn on the water. Restore the water for those who were cutoff. Tax Wall Street to raise the money needed to revitalize cities and communities like Detroit harmed by the Wall Street created economic crash of 2008.
And they voiced emphatic opposition to the corporate policies of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and his undemocratically appointed emergency city manager who have declared a bankruptcy in Detroit and moved to privatize public resources, such as the water supply.
Jean Ross, RN
Jean Ross, RN
Jean Ross, RN, co-president of National Nurses United, the lead sponsor of the action, delivered a declaration calling the city of Detroit to be a public health emergency zone, supporting the call of numerous city activists of the health crisis prompted by the shutoff.
“Water is life sustaining. Lack of water directly undermines the health and safety of Detroit residents, and their families,” the NNU declaration read.
“For optimal health in our daily lives, we need clean water for drinking. Infants, children, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable; they are more susceptible to dehydration, infection, and disease without access to water.
“We need clean water for proper sanitation to combat the growth and spread of multiple infectious diseases and pandemics. We need clean water for a safe and healthy environment. We demand the guarantee that all Detroit residents have immediate and full access to clean water,” said Ross.
Actor Mark Ruffalo calls the Detroit water shutoffs a travesty.
Actor Mark Ruffalo calls the Detroit water shutoffs a travesty.
Actor Mark Ruffalo, joining the march, encouraged the crowd to “fight for your rights, water is a human right.”
“We’re happy to send money all over the world to help other people in their crisis, and we can’t take care of our own people. The American people have got to know that this is wrong, and that it’s happening here and that it should be stopped,” Ruffalo said.
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What ‘Nurse Jackie’ Gets Right About the E.R.: A special post by RN Theresa Brown

A lot of nurses hate the Showtime series “Nurse Jackie,” which will wrap up its sixth season on Sunday evening. Actually, to be precise, they hate the show’s lead character, the emergency department nurse Jackie Peyton. There’s much to dislike: She is an adulterer, a liar, an unreliable mother and, most significantly, addicted to prescription painkillers. (That’s hardly giving anything away, but be warned: spoilers ahead.)

Many nurses will tell you that Jackie’s addiction makes the entire profession look bad. Lives are at stake in hospitals, and health care requires constant multitasking and focused attention. A nurse — or doctor — tanked up on OxyContin is likely not only to do a poor job, but also to place patients in jeopardy.

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theresaTheresa Brown is an oncology nurse and the author of “Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life, and Everything in Between.” 

RN and President of Massachusetts Nurses Association, Donna Kelly Williams

RN and President of Massachusetts Nurses Association, Donna Kelly Williams talks about The Hospital Profit Transparency and Fairness Act.
Hospitals and large health care corporations are putting profits before patients with CEO’s making millions while patients and communities serviced by those hospitals are being put at risk.
Most hospitals in Massachusetts receive more than half their revenues from taxpayers. Yet there is no way for the public and policy makers to accurately understand how those taxpayer dollars are being allocated and spent.

An American Nurse


Passionate insight about nurses from Filmmaker/Director Carolyn Jones as she and Producer Lisa Frank join us to talk about their new documentary, An American Nurse. And a bit of fun with flashbacks from 1956 and a lesson about “algorithms”at the hospital.

This Week On Nurse Talk

This Week On Nurse Talk

Nurses Say No To The Keystone XL Pipeline. Host’s Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason discuss the Keystone XL Pipeline and why nurses are at the head of the line with their opposition to it. RN Katy Roemer talks about 10 reasons to oppose the pipeline. Photo: RN Katy Roemer

This Week on Nurse Talk

This Week on Nurse Talk

In January, a U.S. District Court in Ohio ordered Affinity to cease and desist the intimidation and retaliation, reinstate a longtime RN, Ann Wayt fired for patient advocacy, and begin contract talks with the RNs after months of the hospital’s stalling and refusal to recognize RN rights. Join RN’s Michelle Mahon and Pam Gardner asContinue Reading

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s latest budget moves mean nurses will be responsible for a lot more than patient care.

Producers Note: While we applaud the wonderful medical care given by Vanderbilt Hospital we are disturbed by this article. Do you really want your nurse to be busy cleaning bathrooms when you need her/him because your life depends on it? The Channel 4 I-Team has learned some Vanderbilt nurses will now be in charge ofContinue Reading