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Documentary “States Of Grace” is powerful!

Dr. Grace Dammann’s life was forever altered when a driver crashed head-on into her car on the Golden Gate Bridge. After a seven-week coma and numerous surgeries, Grace miraculously regained consciousness, with her cognitive abilities almost entirely intact, but her body left shattered and severely […]


What Happens If You’re Forced To Switch Health Plans When You’re Sick?

Pauline Bartolone Joanna Joshua, 39, panicked when she opened a letter from her family’s insurer, Cigna, only to learn it was pulling out of California’s individual market next year. The Santa Clarita resident would have no choice but to change health plans. “What am I […]

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Liberals Strike Back… Against Single Payer

With the explosive growth of the movement for single payer healthcare, it should not be a surprise to see the Empire Strike Back.

In the name of political reality, some liberal pundits, politicians and policy wonks are scolding progressives to give up on Medicare for All. There are many ways to achieve “universal coverage,” we’re told. “Overhauling” the entire system is too hard, healthcare is too big a part of the economy, and politicians will not take out the health insurance companies.

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Scope Maker Olympus Hit With $6.6 Million Verdict In Superbug Outbreak Case

By Chad Terhune and JoNel Aleccia A jury ordered the giant medical scope maker Olympus Corp. to pay a Seattle hospital $6.6 million in damages tied to a deadly superbug outbreak — and told the hospital to pay $1 million to a deceased patient’s family. But […]

Nurses Beware Of Harmful Exposures To Chemicals, Hazardous Drugs And More. by Nurse Talk

Part 1: Nurses Beware Of Harmful Exposures To Chemicals, Hazardous Drugs… Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, employing over 18 million workers. Women represent… Nurses Beware Of Harmful Exposures To Chemicals, Hazardous Drugs And More. Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the […]

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Millions Of Kids Fall Outside Senate Plan To Shield Disabled From Medicaid Cuts

Aidan Long is a 13-year-old from Montana who has suffered multiple daily seizures since he was 4. The seizures defy medical cure, and some of them continue for weeks, requiring Aidan to be airlifted to children’s hospitals in Denver or Seattle, said his father, Ben Long. The medical bills to Medicaid and his private insurance have been enormous.

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This great-grandmother wants to end ‘the dirty little secret of nursing’

Sheila Wilson feels blessed to have what she considers the best career in the world: nursing. At 73, she has no plans to retire and is still doing per diem jobs.But over the decades, the Quincy native, who has worked in hospitals, clinics, and shelters, has witnessed what she calls “the dirty little secret of nursing.”

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SHARE OUR NEW “SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!” INSPIRED VIDEO EXPOSING INSURANCE “MIDDLEMAN” TODAY! Today we join with California Nurses Association and Musicians Local 47 to launch our first in a series of “Schoolhouse Rock!” inspired music videos created by a Los Angeles musician, Clifford Tasner, in support […]