RN Calls for Boycott on the State of Arizona

RN Greg Mercer of Arlington, MA has called for a boycott on the State of Arizona in response to the Amanda Trujillo case. He is collecting signatures on change.org, here is the what they say:


After multiple invitations to a civil dialogue regarding AZ BON, Governor Brewer has not replied or addressed any of the issues raised. In fact, the only response to date hase been an increase in the seeming intimidation and abuses of power directed at a nurse, Amanda Trujillo, whose seemingly frivolous and abusive case before the Board has languished unresolved for a year to date, leaving her unemployed and impoverished.

Ongoing research suggests serious corruption in both local nursing management and BON functioning, with many serious conflict of interest, intolerably poor accountability and transparency, and a system that allows for and even tacitly encourages abuses of power. All these concerns threaten the ability of Nurses in Arizona to meet their ethical and professional obligations, and thus threaten patient education and safety. Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s case is but one example.
While reasonable people can disagree on the interpretation of the case that led to her firing, no informed person can reasonably doubt that this case shows the regulation of Nursing in Arizona to be inadequate at best, and harmful to the public safety at worst. It also encourages an environment in which Nurses cannot perform actions within their well-established Scope of Practice and professional responsibilities without fear of retaliatory abuse that can easily ruin a career with little or no accountability on the part of those who file even the most ridiculous complaints.

Amanda’s next Board Hearing is scheduled 3/19/12, and the Arizona legislature is in the process of a scheduled reauthorization of the AZ BON’s rules and powers. These two opportunities for positive change, and the pressing situation I just described, have led a group of Nurse Advocates to post this petition calling for pledges to boycott the following until we see credible, concrete evidence that these long-ignored issues are effectively addressed:

1) All Arizona-based tourism,
2) All possible Arizona health care,
3) All Arizona-based Nurse recruitment and education,
4) All conventions and other public events held in Arizona, and
5) All businesses who, on learning of these issues, nevertheless schedule events in Arizona.

The time has come for accountability in Arizona health care and regulation. As the local business community and government have shown no interest in providing such necessary changes, all American Nurses, patients, and citizens need to shine light on these dark areas and provide an impetus for responsible change.

Why People Are Signing

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    Nurses are mandated bout our code of ethics to put our patients FIRST, to do our best to help them and look out for their best interest. Education and advocacy is just part of what nurses do. I must ensure that my patients are able to make INFORMED decisions about their care. And by every patient bill of rights I ever read – they have the right to DECLINE any treatment they choose!

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    Question, question, question and if a nurse helps with that process, not only more power to her, but also a promotion should be in order, not possible firing. Why aren’t more questions being asked before surgeries? Who is this Doc? And how do we get him fired?

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    I am standing up for my profession. As a nurse, I am a caregiver, a counselor, a provider and most of all a teacher.

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    If I should be a patient, I would always want my nurses to do the right thing without fear of retaliation by applicable boards.

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    This case has world-wide significance to nurses and to patients. It is vital that the public stands up and makes their voices heard on this issue. Quality Nurses = Quality Healthcare. Abused Nurses = Disastrous Healthcare.

  • 2 days ago

    There is growing awareness of the corruption in AZ in both local Nursing management and BON functioning, with many serious conflict of interest, intolerably poor accountability and transparency, and a system that allows for and even tacitly encourages abuses of power. This case highlights the regulation of Nursing in Arizona to be inadequate at best, and harmful to the public safety at worst. It also encourages an environment in which Nurses cannot perform actions within their well-established Scope of Practice and professional responsibilities without fear of retaliatory abuse that can easily ruin a career with little or no accountability on the part of those who file even the most ridiculous complaints.

    We MUST save both Nurses and their patients from this horrible abuse of power!!

  • 4 days ago

    My father was pressured to have, what turned out to be, unneeded surgery. He was lucky to have his wife and son there to advocate for him. We refused and his condition cleared up in a mater of days. Those who are not as fortunate need people like Amanda Trujillo and ethical doctors (they do exist) to help patients make the best decision for their lives, not the what is best for doctor or the hospital’s bottom line and prestige.
    Shame on Del Webb Hospital for not supporting Ms. Trujillo.

  • about 22 hours ago

    This is a real travesty. It goes against everything I ever learned or taught about ethics and the role of nurse as advocate. Amanda is the nurse I want at my bedside to advocate for me, she is the type of nurse I teach my students about. What a sad message the AZ BON is sending to the public and nurses everywhere!


  • http://grchealthcareblog.com/ Greg Mercer

    Thanks for you support – very helpful and much appreciated.  Some more info FYI:

    Nurseup.com, A Nursing Advocacy Organization
    38 Tattersall Drive
    West Deptford, New Jersey 08051
    856-415-9617, Fax: 856-415-9618, info@nursefriedly.com, @nursefriendly

    March 14, 2012

    TO: Whom it may concern,

    Re: Amanda Trujillo, RN

    A “Position Statement” on the “Amanda Trujillo, RN & Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun City Arizona” situation is respectfully requested. This is a commonly occurring situation in bedside nursing practice.  It could happen to any one of your members.  They need to know if they would have your support. 

    In the linked article below, the case is explained in detail by Patricia Iyer, RN, Past President of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

    The American Nursing Association & Arizona Nurses Association to date have offered no assistance or support other than that they are “monitoring” her situation.

    If you can suggest other organizations that would be willing to advocate for nurses in a situation similar to Amanda’s, we would like to list them on our site, Nurseup.com

    Amanda Trujillo, RN: Nurse fired for being a patient advocate, @PatIyer:”The story of Amanda Trujillo is a horrifying one. Briefly, she is a single mom who fought to get off welfare and fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse. Not only did she become a nurse, she earned a masters and is pursuing a Doctorate in nursing. One night while working at Banner Health in Arizona, she took care of a patient who was being asked to undergo a liver transplant.”

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Andrew Lopez, RN

    Amanda Trujillo, RN, Arizona Patient Advocate, #Nurseup #AmandaTrujillo

  • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

    Thank you for helping us spread the word about Amanda Trujillo, RN and what she is going through.  She was brave enough to speak out and break the silence.  Her actions will help countless other nurses learn how to navigate the situation when they are faced with it.

    Andrew Lopez, RN
    Nursefriendly, Inc. A New Jersey Corporation.
    38 Tattersall Drive, Mantua New Jersey 08051
    http://www.nursefriendly.com info@nursefriendly.com Twitter: @nursefriendly
    856-415-9617, (fax) 415-9618

    • Dcjack

      I think it is a wonderful show of professional commradre for a fellow nurse and as a Medical Imaging professional who worked at Banner Del E. Webb I can tell you that it is not uncommon for minority personnel to be terminated for doing their job and having their actions interpreted in a negative light to encourage the firing of that individual.  My licensing board was notified of my termination and I fought to keep my licenses by submitting vital documentation of the unfairness and intentional effort to demean my education and experience.  I maintained my license and futher fought to receive unemployment which Banner Del Webb tried to deny me.  After an appeals hearing the judge made the decision to award me unemployment!
      So as you can see there is an obvious trend of mistreatment towards minority healthcare providers with advanced education and years of experience.

      • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

         Thank you for commenting DC Jack, it is helpful to hear from current and former employees of Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center.  We have heard some absolutely disgraceful stories of this happening to Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and the list goes on.  We will continue highlighting Amanda’s case, and if there are others, kindly have them contact us, nursing or otherwise.  We will tell their stories on a national level.  If this is what people can expect when hired there, I have no problem letting others know.  Andrew Lopez

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  • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

    Thank you Nursetalksite for following Amanda’s case, here is the latest:
    The War Against Amanda Trujillo, April 25, 2012, Mother Jones, RN, Nurse Ratched’s Place:”I still support Amanda Trujillo and some people who have read the allegations against Amanda have questioned my judgment. Frankly, I don’t believe these allegations because I personally know two other nurses who have been reported to their nursing boards by their former employers. One of my friends was reported to the BON after she spoke up about unsafe nursing practices at a shady nursing home, and the other was reported after he chastised hospital administration for placing psychiatric patients and staff in an unsafe environment. Their former employers cooked up all kinds of false allegations against my friends who are both stellar nurses. Their former employers crucified their character, but in the end they were both cleared of any wrongdoing by their respective state nursing boards. There is an escalating pattern of abuse as more unscrupulous employers are using nursing boards as the ultimate scare tactic to keep nurses “in their place. ” Amanda is just another victim of this ploy.”http://www.nurseratchedsplace.com/2012/04/the-war-against-amanda-trujillo/

  • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

    Thank you for following Amanda’s case, this is from her blog.

    The Moment of Impact: April 21, 2010: by #AmandaTrujillo, MSN, RN, #nurseup #nursefriendly #healthcare:”The day my life collided with something greater than I could ever wrap my head around in this lifetime…..I heard a quote recently that conveys the enormity of the year’s events…its message, perfection, but not in the way I would like to envision life perfected, the way I want it, the way I wanted it, the way I thought I had it…..in any case, I like this quote because it encompasses the past, the present, and the future all at once.”

    The day that changed Amanda’s life forever. To follow her case and others, kindly visit http://www.nurseup.com

  • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

    Thank you Casey & Shayne for following Amanda’s case, this is from TruthAboutNursing.org

    Fired for educating a patient? TruthAboutNursing.org, May 2012:”Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO-TV ran a short but good item by Peter Busch about veteran local nurse Amanda Trujillo, who said she had been fired by Banner Del Webb Hospital and had a complaint filed against her with the state board of nursing because she had educated a patient about the risks of an upcoming surgery and scheduled a consult about hospice. A hospital spokesman reportedly said that “the doctor, ultimately, is the focal point that directs care for patients” and that “company policy” forbids nurses to order a case management consult. The report does not mention other accounts suggesting that these events were set in motion because the patient’s surgeon was displeased that the patient had decided against the surgery.”

  • http://www.nursefriendly.com/social/ Andrew Lopez, RN

    The latest on the case:

    Facing a Crossroads, #AmandaTrujillo, MSN, RN & the Arizona State Board of Nursing:”At the heart of Amanda’s case is Patient Advocacy. Her patient was having second thoughts about a Liver Transplant evaluation, and Amanda helped fill in the gaps. The doctor, Dr. Keng-Yu Chuang (Source AZBON public records), who had only offered the liver transplant, went ballistic when the patient asked for Hospice info instead. He demanded the hospital serve Amanda’s head up on a platter and that the Arizona State Board of Nursing be contacted.”