DeAnn McEwen and Scripting and Rounding | National Nurses United Sponsored Segment | March 3, 2012 | Show 438


This week on our lovely “sheeew”—we talk about a customer service practice that is now being used in the healthcare field. It’s called scripting and rounding. In the corporate world scripting and rounding has been part of the customer service model for giants like Disney, major fast food chains and many five star hotels. Now—healthcare? Could this lead to the question, “Mrs. Smith would you like fries with your medication?” Or how about—“Here’s the key to the mini-bar and if you prefer you can go to the nurses station for your ice and extra towels.” What’s scripting and rounding all about? RN DeAnn McEwen gives us a “spirited” overview!

  • Deborah

    My 86 year old Uncle was seen at the V.A. in Jamaica Plain, MA. for a growth on his cheek, by a plastic surgeon who suggested that he avoid surgery because he would not tolerate it well.  My sister and I cancelled the appointment for removal based on this doctor’s impressions.  Now, it’s two months later, and the tumor has grown and we are told that it’s inoperable because it’s too big, and there were other options we could have chosen which were not suggested to us at the first visit. Might it be an example of “scripting” because the doctor told us that the tumor would not be a problem for our Uncle, and he sent us on our merry way thinking that we were saving him from a difficult procedure?